Saturday, October 11, 2008

THE List

So what happened in November you ask? What could have been SO important that after 27 years of living my life a certain way and as a certain version of myself, that I would just suddenly decide to change. To live it differently. Well, I guess it really isn't about living differently, it has just been about living it richer, happier, fuller and with my heart in mind. It was like I had been seeing in black and white and now I saw in color. I realized I wasn't doing enough, being enough, and just simply wasn't quite the person God intended me to be yet. I was taking for granted talents, gifts and blessings that have always been there for me and I wasn't making enough out of them. I just wanted to be more. So this blog is simply a place to hold myself accountable to that day where I promised that I could do more. Where I hoped that maybe if I did, this world could be a little bit better because I decided to be ME. Nothing more, nothing less, just ME. 
So in true "Kim" fashion, I made a list. A list of 50 things to jump start my efforts. Here it is, in all its glory and never seen before until today...drum roll please....I PRESENT TO YOU....
"The List":
1. Write a letter to my daughter for the November that she will be 27 
2. Try 2 foods I never would have tried before 
3. Go a whole week without using an alarm 
4. Weigh my high school weight (why not?) 
5. Get butterflies when Kissing 
6. Dance with my daughter like no one is watching 
7. Run a marathon
8. Eat at a restaurant alone and be OKAY
9. Read a book this year (see what I mean? I wasn't doing enough) 
10. Love my body 
11. Go to a concert 
12. Pick one person and do your best to be COMPLETELY honest with them. See where it takes you. (No, that doesn't mean I have been lying to everyone, simmer) 
13. Be awake for the sunrise on purpose
14. Spend a whole prayer praying for someone else 
15. Say how you feel. Just do it. 
16. Take more pictures and stop deleting the ones where you look bad. Who cares?. 
17. Call in sick to work and spend the day with a friend 
18. Go on more walks 
19. Sing more (I can hear my family sighing)
20. Start to say NO to people 
21. Watch 5 movies that don't seem like "my type" 
22. Wink at a stranger in the elevator (people should try it. It's cool. I do it all the time now). 
23. Miss a deadline at work from time to time 
24. Take my daughter to work with me more, even if it affects "productivity"
25. Forgive people
26. Let go of a grudge 
27. Let go of some insecurity 
28. Make friends with someone you never noticed before 
29. Write a letter to someone who means the world to you 
30. Start a journal (crossed off #30 today) 
31. Go on a hike 
32. Give away more of your money. It's just money.
33. Point out to other people what makes them amazing
34. Try new music 
35. Plant a garden 
36. Do something for the environment (I stopped brushing my teeth with the water on about 6 months ago. Can anyone tell our planet has more water? I hope so) 
37. Take a LONG lunch on company time (sorry Progressive, but I think you owe it to me)
38. Delete 5 shows from my TIVO list (RIP: Flip this house, Real housewives or Orange county, DR 90210, CSI Miami and CSI New know?...I don't even miss you)
39. Bake Bread from scratch for someone else 
40. Give more gifts
41. Call my mom more 
42. Take a girls only trip (Boston sure was fun wasn't it?)
43. Be less hard on a dear friend. (still a work in progress)
44. Write a poem and give it away (you know in Jr. High I won a writing award and my teacher said that someday she hoped to see some published work from me? I hope so too Ms. Knudson. I hope so too.)
45. Trying playing an instrument 
46. Finally make my daughters baby book 
47. Wash my whites and colors together just BECAUSE (nothing happened. My whites are still white. Tell the world it is a hoax!) 
48. Tell someone sorry and that I am wrong (not an easy thing for me)
49. Give up Diet Coke. (I have NOT done this yet. It will likely be my very last effort)
50. Un-complicate...
"By small and simple things are great things brought to past."
I just want to be great. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's ambitious! I think I'll try #34 and 46 :)

Kristi said...

I LOVE lists! Tyler asked me to write a list for him today. I would be lost without them. I think your list is fantastic and you've inspired me to make my own list of ways to make myself better. I really like #10, #14, and #18.