Sunday, November 30, 2008

#33 "point out to people what makes them amazing"

I went into this year wanting to be different. Wanting to do more for, and say more things to, the people that meant the most to me. Maybe I won't change the world by curing cancer (I never even passed a normal biology class so I just think curing cancer is a little out of my league), but I do know a thing or two about saying too much. Normally, I am on the lame end of "saying too much" with my foot constantly in my mouth. So this post is about crossing off number 33 on the list and I am going to try and say too much (in a good way) about the people that mean the most to me. So to those of you out there, and you know who you are, that mean the world to are just a few of the amazing things I think about you: 
* I love that you are not judgemental 
* You have this incredible talent for creativity. It is amazing the way your mind works. You see this world in such a wonderful and refreshing way that it changes me. 
* You are so practical in the way that you think and I find great comfort in that reliability. I always know you will be there. Always. 
* You are the one truly funny person left in this world. Your comedic timing could not be better and you know just how to lighten a tough situation. 
*You are incredibly intelligent. It blows me away 
*You are wonderfully thoughtful and selfless. Not many people can say that about themselves 
*You are fiercely independent and I love that you stand up for yourself all the time 
*You are kind 
*You have no idea how beautiful you are 
*You have been given so much talent that I think you could do whatever you wanted in this world
*You have a flare for the dramatic and that keeps life very interesting 
*You are a wonderful friend, never putting yourself first, and always there right at the moment where I need to be saved
*You say it just like it is. I love that you don't play games and you say JUST what you are thinking 
I hope as each of you read this blog that you know which ones apply to you. I hope I have done enough to where you would know the things I like about you and that make you amazing. If not consider this a start to making sure you do. I have been blessed in my life with wonderful people and I don't ever want to take that for granted. 
I added a few pictures to this posting but it is clear that MANY of you are escaping my camera and so more pics of YOU might be on the list in 2009 


Jessica said...

I think these are all about me.. hahah kIDDING!!! I love you sooo much, you have always been my best friend. I miss you dearly.

Annie said...

Yes, my comedic timing could not be better! HA!!!

You are sweet and we all love and adore you, too!

Beach Mommy said...

So should I make myself one of these people you're talking about?? Just kidding. It was great talking to you at the game. I hope you're well. If you ever want to grab lunch or go shopping, give me a call. - Genine
btw I blog hopped from Annie's:)